Want to be a house Slave?

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Here are some links that can help understand the dynamic between a Mistress and her Slave.

A ‘Lifestyle Slave’ Is More Than a Sub Who Does All Your Chores for Free

The Nature of Master/slave (Owner/property) Relationships

Slave training

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A slave finds peace and contentment in serving her Master. She is a reflection of Him. She is his property, his possession, his responsibility. A slave shows focus, always keeping her Master in the forefront of her mind. As she goes about her day, she uses her own intelligence and strength to do things in ways that are pleasing to her Master. 

I am a slave because it is in my soul to be. I find pleasure in the pleasing of another. I thrive on another’s direction, control, and presence in my life, and soul. Being a slave is not something I choose to be, it is simply who and what I am. It is my desire to serve a Master, to find the strength, courage, openness, honesty, etc that it takes to be a good slave.