Gifts for your Mistress

Click here to fulfill Miss Jane’s desires via her Amazon Wishlist

Deliver gifts to her door MsJane2U’s wishlist

You can always make a donation to promote the health and welfare of your mistress.

So do it, and do it here to choose your donation amount.

Donations to your Mistress


Don't forget to visit Cane-iac.
Amazing craftsmanship, most are all handmade here in the good ol' USA. That's right. Merica.
Floggers, whips, paddles, gags, and canes... I love them all!

What? I love them all is too broad for your little brain? Can't make the choice all by yourself? Ugh... FINE. HERE. I PICKED STUFF I LIKE FOR YOU. GOD FORBID YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF.

On the other hand, let's leave decisions in my own capable hands. Then you can't screw anything up.

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