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Once upon a time... There was Miss Jane. The End.

What? That's not enough for you?

Listen, Perv, this is just the home page. I don't have time to fill
this up with mindless babble and garbage to get your rocks off. And guess what?
I'm not going to so just stop reading. Right now.
In fact, I think it's fascinating that you're actually still reading this.
You just felt like wasting a few minutes of your life before seeing
how much getting your ass beat by a Pro-Domme was going to run
you, huh?

Well, just go to the menu on the side of the page.

And get your shit together. Nobody likes a time waster.

Oh! Oh! Since you like wasting your time, and probably a special kind

of stupid you better read my Session Protocol page twice. Maybe read it three times.
I'm not interested in anyone who can't follow the rules.

Like when I said stop reading this.

Right now.

Copyright Mistress Jane – All rights reserved